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Dear competition participants!

Here is a playlist of videos about the last year's competition and interviews with the winners.

Please come and watch it, and I hope you feel the spirit of the programme!

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@chanellelaw said in Click for more information about medals and prizes:

It's indeed inspiring, I should post more to join the big community!

yes, I'm a pioneer) There is a long journey ahead, but feasible to reach and realistic to go through in order to grow.

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Forum rules and guidelines

Dear colleagues, I am delighted to see that our discussion forum is growing and becoming more enriched with your contributions and ideas!

However, I would like to invite you to revisit the forum's rules and guidelines once more. Please pay special attention to the information regarding the creation of new topics and the copyright regulations for posting pictures and other content.

Let's have our forum beneficial for all 🙂

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Hello Jeremie,

It's great to meet you! Your dedication to teaching Mathematics and training students in Robotics seems to be inspiring. Encouraging students to create and innovate with technology is essential in today’s world, and your efforts looks like undoubtedly helping them to achieve their full potential. By fostering creativity and problem-solving skills, you are empowering your students to tackle global issues and become future leaders in technology and innovation. I feel that your work in Rwanda is making a significant impact, and it's wonderful to see educators like you making such a positive difference in students' lives.

Hugs from Puerto Rico-

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Discussing important aspects of a successful classroom and techniques that teachers can use to create a high-performing learning environment

Teacher vlogs, blogs, channeles to follow

Thank you Ana for allowing us to share some resources.
For math teachers, you may visit my channel, Math content:

Youtube :
link text

Instagram :
link text

link text

X (twitter):
link text

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Integrating climate education into school curriculum, vocational education, workplace skills development, teaching materials, pedagogy, and assessment.

One Small Step for you,One Big step for Sustainability.Ther is always Something to improve !

"Strive for Sustainability: Every Step Counts!"
"Small Changes, Big Impact: Let's Step Towards Sustainability!"
"Taking One Step Closer to a Greener Future!"
"Progress, Not Perfection: Every Step Towards Sustainability Matters!"
"One Foot Forward, Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow!"
"Step Up for Sustainability: Let's Walk the Talk!"
"Embrace the Journey: Step by Step Towards a Sustainable World!"
"From Little Steps to Giant Leaps: Building a Sustainable Future!"
"Walk Towards Sustainability: One Step at a Time!"
"Step Into Sustainability: Each Move Makes a Difference!"

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Sharing good practices, discussing educational issues and trends for quality education

Things a teacher should know about organizing virtual tours

If you are a teacher of history, you might find it interesting to explore the story of Anna Frank and her house in relation to the World War II and the Holocaust.

The meseum of Anna Frank has it's website https://www.annefrank.org/en/museum/web-and-digital/ and provides a virtual tour https://www.annefrank.org/en/anne-frank/secret-annex/

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Equal access to learning. Education based on individual learning needs. Supporting diversity in your classroom.

Share ideas for integrating diverse perspectives, cultures, and identities into the curriculum and classroom activities


Hi Ana,

In a monocultural classroom, I think that promoting diversity and fostering inclusion involves broadening our definition of diversity to include different learning styles, abilities, and perspectives. As a SPED teacher, I use Universal Design for Learning to accommodate diverse needs, introduce global perspectives through literature and media, and focus on each student's unique strengths. Social-emotional learning programs, collaborative learning activities, and continuous professional development are key strategies for me in Puerto Rico. Creating a safe, welcoming environment where all students feel valued is essential for fostering an inclusive classroom.

Universal Design is my favorite strategy-

Mr. Bryan

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Educational opportunities and events, news about our community

Global competitions and training opportunities for educators

Global Schools Advocates Program Apply by May 16th

📚 Opportunity for all educators and school leaders to create a more sustainable world!
Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level and empower your students to become global citizens actively contributing to a sustainable future? Then the Global Schools Advocates Program is for you!

What is it?
The Global Schools Advocates Program is a cohort-style initiative designed to equip educators and school leaders with the training and resources needed to integrate themes of sustainable development into their classrooms.
What do you get?
🔸Free online training developed by the Global Schools team
🔹Monthly workshops on sustainable development
🔸Access to an educator network
🔹Mentorship from experienced educators
🔸Comprehensive Advocates Toolkit
🔹Formal Certificate of Completion

Learn more about the program and apply https://www.globalschoolsprogram.org/apply

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Apply by May 16th and join The Global Schools Advocates Program in creating a brighter, more sustainable future for our students and communities.

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Solution to E-library Technical Problems

When encountering a technical problem in E-library, please take a screenshot of the error page with the address bar. Then follow the below steps and provide us with the info:

Open Chrome browser and open the developer tools of the browser (or press F12). Visit the website address with the issue in the address bar, and wait until the page is loaded. Click the Export HAR icon in developer tools to export the network request, save it as a file, and send it back to us via email: unesco_elibrary@101.com.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that comes, and thanks for your feedback.

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