• Empowering Education: Navigating Personalized Learning Technologies for Equity and Excellence

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    "Empowering students through engaging education, fostering environmental consciousness, and advancing scientific literacy. Committed to shaping future leaders in Life and Earth Sciences."

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    Personalized learning is always what we cheese for which is not easy for a teacher who faces numerous students.
    However, it's not a good excuse anyway.
    With a good framework and impactful tools, we will struggle forward to a big step!

  • You are right dear colleague except the teacher always has a time constraint and a problem of finalization of the official program (especially at in Tunisia)

    "Empowering students through engaging education, fostering environmental consciousness, and advancing scientific literacy. Committed to shaping future leaders in Life and Earth Sciences."

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    Teachers' professional development is so important to not only assure a personalized learning experience but also to keep looking for more and better ways to take advantages of technology.

    Sometimes we received training and when we came back to our classrooms, we don't have technology resources to provide. But we need to move on and look for grants and support from our colleagues in or outside the country.

    Here are some of my students using their laptops after a grant we won. No matter what we have to provide the best we can in order to give them quality of education.

    Thank you @Bousl2336873cb4 to bring the importante of teacher training


  • @BRYANb8875625e5 Dear Bryan,

    Applying for grants is a good practice that teachers can benefit from.

    We are used to grants being mainly for non-profit organizations, but this is great that you are sharing your experience!
    I don't think many teachers take full advantage of these opportunities.

    Did you apply for a national grant, or was it part of an international program?

  • @Ana_moderator

    Hi Ana,
    Hope everything is going well.

    It was a National Grant from Rural technology Fund. They also, give me another one to buy the FarmBot for food sustainability lessons using AI. I will make a new topic to promote sharing probably pages for Grants. We are innovators and need some support to keep doing a great job.

    Mr. Bryan

  • In 2016 I start the STEM program for children age 10. I start it with 30 children. I create a good relationship with parents to set up a conducive classroom for STEM program which is totally different view compare to ordinary classroom which is concern on exam oriented teaching methods. I explain the purpose of STEM education ‘E’ plan. At the end of the year, these 30 children progress in academic and co-academic is far different compare other class students with same age. The community request to start the program to other classes. This is a good impact for me to continue the ‘E’ plan system. "E” instruction is my approach to educate children that allow them to become concrete and make practical sense. Encourage students to become global citizens and encourage parents, family members and the community towards students’ progress. Many surveys shows, Pupils study for passing exams. More teachers, parent even students are eager to score ‘A’ in subjects. My approach is more to ‘E’s than collect ‘A’ in subjects. Simply say, convert from ‘A’ thinking to ‘E’ thinking. Even though I had given a standardized syllabus, I used a different approach which made my students sparkled in community. I Emphasize my students more to Experimenting hands-on works, do more Exploration, create Enjoyable learning environment, Exhibit their works and get more Experiences. As a teacher, I Educate and Evaluate the Effectiveness of my teaching. My expectation to the parents is they should give more Exposure, Encouragement and Engaging with school activities and keep Evaluate their attitude. So, I emphasize my community to concentrate on “E” environment education which stands for (Enjoyable, Experimental, Explore, Exposure, Emphasize, Evaluate and etc.)

  • The ‘E’ education plan is designed to help young children in my school to develop the life skills through hands on and innovation activities. The main objective of this program is to prepare students for future by empowering them with the practical life skills. This ‘E’ idea had nurtured the students’ inborn creativity and published students’ ideas than just as a consumer. Through this exposure, all the science literacies, technologies, reading, writing and typing skills are play an important role in every aspects of the children’s pshyco motor development. This program boosting and generate interest in learning and strengthen their curiosity and cultivate a habit of active learning. It also helps to broaden their minds in literacy and scientific skills. The children’s involvement in Young Inventors activities promote their comprehensive development too. The young inventors programs not even stimulate students mind for advance learning but they become more independent to communicate, highly creative thinkers, keep on trying attitude, keen to explore, love to read and give valuable feedbacks. An integrated approach of the innovation programs help students understand not only what they are learning but also why and how their learning can be applied

  • Hi colleague
    Participation in Young Inventors' activities fosters children's overall development by stimulating their intellect through problem-solving and acquiring knowledge in STEM, while encouraging creativity. It also enhances their social and emotional skills through teamwork, self-confidence, and perseverance. Additionally, these activities develop their manual skills and physical coordination. Finally, they instill a sense of responsibility and ethics by raising awareness of environmental impacts and sustainability. Thus, children become critical thinkers, collaborative individuals, confident, and resilient, ready to face future challenges.
    Best Regards from Tunisia

    "Empowering students through engaging education, fostering environmental consciousness, and advancing scientific literacy. Committed to shaping future leaders in Life and Earth Sciences."

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    Hi colleague
    Participation in Young Inventors' activities

    Dear Chokri, do your students participate in Young Inventors' activities as well?

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    “E” environment educatio

    You have some really inspiring experiences and approaches!

    Am I correct in understanding that you have developed this concept of "E" environment education by yourselft, is that right?

  • @Ana_moderator
    Yes, At the start-up , I didn't realize the E-concept in the STEM education for students aged 10. Some of the essential skills and concepts I focus on are based on environmental studies. While I gave a briefing to parents about STEM activities , I request to encourage and emphasize the importance of science skills especially kids need to explore more from home to school. In school I conduct the experiments and evaluate their progress in academics and behavior. During the children conduct the activities they enjoyed. So, in every part of the activity, the E words played an important role. Then I came to a conclusion that pupils need ‘E’s’ not only A’s in subjects. This is the background of my ‘E-plan .

  • @Bousl2336873cb4 Great dear friend, also there are additional Considerations:

    Student Voice and Agency: Involving students in platform development to design with their needs in mind
    Teacher Support: Providing resources and support for effective integration
    Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly monitoring and addressing issues or concerns
    By addressing these challenges and implementing solutions, personalized learning platforms and adaptive learning systems can improve student outcomes while protecting privacy and well-being.