• Let's think about the awards

    The incredible opportunity to win will allow us to immerse ourselves in a country renowned for its cutting-edge innovations and technological prowess. As us prepare for this exciting journey, consider how you can integrate the knowledge and insights you gain into your teaching practices. Let's think about the potential collaborations with educators and technologists, and how we can bring back practical strategies and tools to enhance your classroom experience. Let's imagine for a while, our next step is to prepare for this transformative experience by researching key areas of interest, setting learning objectives, and planning how to effectively disseminate the knowledge we acquire.

    My question is...

    What specific goals and objectives do you have for integrating the technological insights and strategies you will learn in the study trip in China into your teaching practices and how do you plan to share this knowledge with your colleagues and students upon your return?

  • Let's imagine)

    High tech, high touch era is really moving very fast making lessons more student-centered. In order to improve learning outcomes and develop the students cognitive thinking, we'll be further using the devices collectively and by collaborating with technologists.

    I'm more interested in adapting to local context to my students' and teachers' real needs and interests. I'm planning to have a demo class with their full involvement into the process, prepare flyers, booklets and infographics, assign similar tasks with reflective practice beyond school level within their communities.

  • I love learning new approaches which can advance my career journey. Of course sharing is a must upon my return if i'm selected for the study tour. It would be great sharing new experience and knowledge with my colleagues, where they also can apply the same thing that I learnt to our students.

  • As we regularly do in our school, I will hold a workshop with my colleagues to share the teaching insights I will gain. I'll try to plan it so that my co-teachers take part as students to experience new strategies as learners and drawing conclusions independently in the end. This kind of practice proves to be more effecive allowing to explore more💡

    As for specific goals and objectives, I'm mostly concerned with boosting my students' motivation recently, so this is something I globally set for myself😊

  • @Bilim

    Hi Bilim,

    That sounds like a fantastic approach Embracing the high tech, high touch era can significantly enhance the learning experience, making it more engaging and tailored to individual needs. By focusing on student-centered lessons and incorporating technology, we are not only improving cognitive thinking but also fostering collaboration and critical thinking skills.

    Your plan sounds comprehensive and well thought out. Best of luck with your demo class and the implementation of these innovative strategies. It would be great to hear how it goes and the impact it has on your students and teachers.

    Mr. Bryan

  • @Sahar730dd459d2

    Hi Sahar,

    I agree that embracing new approaches is key to professional growth and can have a significant impact on both your career and your educational environment. If you’re selected for the study tour, sharing your newfound knowledge and experiences with your colleagues will undoubtedly benefit your entire team and, most importantly, your students.

    By introducing fresh ideas and techniques, we can help create a more dynamic and engaging learning experience for our students. Collaborative learning and knowledge sharing can lead to innovative teaching practices that can inspire and motivate both teachers and students alike. Best of luck with your application for the study tour, and I look forward to hearing about the new insights you bring back.

    Hugs from Puerto Rico,
    Mr. Bryan

  • @Ekaterina-P

    That sounds like an excellent plan! Holding a workshop to share your new teaching insights is a fantastic way to disseminate knowledge and inspire your colleagues. Having your co-teachers participate as students is a brilliant idea, I'm sure it allows them to experience the strategies firsthand and understand their impact from a learner’s perspective. This approach not only makes the learning process more engaging but also fosters independent thinking and deeper understanding. Great Ekaterina!

    Best of luck with your workshops and your goal of boosting student motivation. It would be great to hear about the outcomes and any new strategies that prove particularly effective.

    Mr. Bryan

  • @BRYANb8875625e5 It is a great and interesting question.
    In the meantime, I still keep in mind the integration of VR and gamification in my subject area. Now, my school does not have the VR tools yet, but our sister school does. I am eager to learn how to construct the gamification "The Murder Mystery" or "The Escape Rooms" with VR integration. I think that is just one of the benefits that I can think about right now.

    The echoing session would be great if it were conducted in person and a workshop setting. I plan to conduct the workshop for my colleague. In addition, all of your insights in this forum are interesting to try.


  • @Syakt513fd9bea8

    Best of luck Syakti, your initiative will change the way your students and colleagues see education.

  • Hello Bryan

    I believe that the destination of our study trip is not yet fixed, moreover and what is important what we can gain in terms of added value for us as teachers and what are the good practices acquired after our return.
    Good luck to all participants.
    Best Reagards from Tunisia

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  • Hello Bilim
    it's a good idea , except that we have to wait for the final results of this competition.

    Good luck to everyone
    Best Reagards from Tunisia

    "Empowering students through engaging education, fostering environmental consciousness, and advancing scientific literacy. Committed to shaping future leaders in Life and Earth Sciences."