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  • Give me an idea of an innovative project

  • Congratulations, dear colleague.......... Help me find an idea for my project for this competition!

  • I want to carry out a project on Bullying in educational establishments

    Waht your opinion?

  • To execute a successful educational project on sustainable development with your pupils, engage them actively in hands-on activities, discussions, and real-world examples. Incorporate interdisciplinary approaches, integrating subjects like science, geography, and social studies. Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving by exploring local environmental issues and brainstorming solutions collaboratively. Utilize multimedia resources, guest speakers, and field trips to deepen understanding and foster a sense of responsibility towards sustainable practices. Finally, empower students to take action by initiating eco-friendly projects within their school or community.
    what do you think of my idea?

  • Incorporating artificial intelligence into a physics lesson can revolutionize the learning experience. Begin by introducing foundational concepts through interactive AI simulations, allowing students to explore abstract theories in a tangible way. Next, engage students with AI-driven problem-solving exercises tailored to their individual learning pace and style, providing real-time feedback and adaptive challenges. Encourage collaborative learning by utilizing AI chatbots to facilitate discussions and clarify doubts. Finally, conclude the lesson with a hands-on project where students apply AI algorithms to analyze complex physical phenomena, fostering creativity and critical thinking. Through this holistic approach, students not only grasp fundamental principles but also develop essential skills in AI integration and problem-solving.
    what's your opinion?

  • @AHLEM18c600e513 said in How to become the winner:

    I want to carry out a project on Bullying in educational establishments

    Waht your opinion?

    Dear colleagues, I invite you to review the exisitng forum topics, I believe these ideas can be adapted to fit your curriculum, you students' needs or learning objectives.

    You can take some elements to make your lessons more interactive and later you can apply with this experience, just please make sure to frame it in the appropriate context.

    You can also submit any teaching experience related to the competition focus, even if it is not a completed project.

  • @AHLEM18c600e513
    (Cyber) Bulling is really an issue. I've been involved in UNESCO VAC (violence against children) project. We analysed the framework and types of violence and instruments of the survey. What is lacking around the world is precautions and duly interventios.
    Wish you success in your endeavours, Meria

  • @AHLEM18c600e513
    Ahlem, sorry. My apologies.

  • Indeed Ms. Anastasia, in fact this has been my goal for 7 years

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    I want to take part in teacher competion. Please give me guidelines to participate in it. Tell me complete procedure of taking part in it.

  • @MYOUS633cc8ba80 Hi! All information is here, 3 days more, good luck