• project based learning as an ICT tool

    Dear colleagues I want to share with you my experience in using project based learning as an ICT tool , project-based learning can be considered a tool of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Project-based learning is an instructional approach that involves students working on a real-world, complex problem or challenge over an extended period of time. ICT can play a significant role in supporting and enhancing project-based learning in the following ways:

    1. Research and information gathering: Students can utilize various ICT tools, such as search engines, online databases, and digital libraries, to gather information and data relevant to their project.

    2. Collaboration and communication: ICT tools, such as video conferencing, cloud-based document sharing platforms, and messaging applications, can enable students to collaborate with their peers, experts, and teachers, regardless of their physical location.

    3. Content creation and presentation: Students can use ICT tools, such as word processors, presentation software, and multimedia authoring tools, to create and present their project deliverables.

    4. Data analysis and visualization: ICT tools, such as spreadsheets, data analysis software, and visualization tools, can help students analyze and interpret data collected during their project.

    5. Project management: Project management software and online collaboration tools can assist students in planning, organizing, and tracking the progress of their project.

    6. Access to online resources and tutorials: Students can access a wealth of educational resources, tutorials, and online learning materials to support their project-based learning activities.

    By incorporating ICT tools and resources, project-based learning can become more efficient, engaging, and effective, allowing students to develop a range of skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and digital literacy.!!


  • Project-Based Learning (PBL): Engaging Students Through Real-World Applications

    Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional approach that encourages students to learn by engaging in real-world and meaningful projects. This method helps students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.

    Have you implemented PBL in your classroom? What types of projects have been most successful? How do you assess student learning through PBL? Let's discuss our experiences and share best practices!

    Shazia Baloch
    JEST Teacher
    Address: Sindh Pakistan

  • Hello everyona from sunny Uzbekistan. Let`s talk about PBL...
    In a recent Project-Based Learning (PBL) initiative at Sehriyo School, students embarked on an in-depth exploration of herbal plants and their benefits. This project aimed to enhance students' understanding of botany, medicinal properties of plants, and sustainable gardening practices.

    The project kicked off with students researching various herbal plants, including their history, uses in traditional medicine, and ecological importance. Guided by their science teacher, students visited a local botanical garden to observe these plants firsthand and learn from horticultural experts.

    Back in the classroom, students worked in groups to cultivate their own herbal gardens, learning about soil preparation, planting techniques, and organic pest control. They documented the growth process, kept journals, and created detailed presentations on the health benefits and potential uses of the herbs they grew.

    The project culminated in a school-wide herbal fair where students showcased their gardens and shared homemade herbal products, such as teas, balms, and sachets. This PBL project not only fostered a deeper appreciation for nature but also equipped students with practical gardening skills and knowledge about natural remedies.Текст ссылки

    Shakhnoza Khamrayeva
    Sehriyo School, Tashkent
    WhatsApp: +998881585511

  • Dear friend. actually By incorporating PBL into an integrated curriculum, educators can create a more engaging and meaningful learning experience for students that prepares them for real-world challenges.

  • @Shazia-Baloch dear project based learning engage learner in active participation in class . It promotes group discussion and evaluation capabilities of students by designing such projects that enhance their learning. Although project based learning with integration to ICT make the learner more active and captivating for organising their ideas .
    I do it in my class most of the times . The experience is fantastic and the results were fruitful .I taught them about the Air pollution. By giving them audio visuals aids so that they could have more interest later students had came with bright ideas how to reduce air pollution and presented their ideas in form of different projects . In whole session students were involved and engaged in learning that gave them confidence of ones own ideas presented by doing and making with hands it gave them immense pleasure.

  • @Mariam Thank you for sharing...! PBI with ICT clearly engages students. your approach to teaching air pollution boosts their confidence and creativity,,, highlighting the value of this method... Thanks dear mariam

    Shazia Baloch
    JEST Teacher
    Address: Sindh Pakistan

  • @Samar-Mohamed
    Implementing Problem-Based Learning (PBL) into an integrated curriculum can present several challenges. In my school I face problems in assessing and evaluating them. Before implementing the PBL, a proper guideline and assessment criteria like rubrics needed. Also I face problems in time management. The PBL is not like a traditional classroom. So I have to spend more time on guiding them and need to spend more time on continuous evaluations.

  • @MYLOG47799627c6 Dear friend, thank you for your feedback and sharing your experience in using PBL as a TLC tool.Sure using rubrics is essential whether in PBL or before any activity or summative assessment during the session or before practical exams.
    Also time management is very important and to work according EDP .