• Digital tools in teaching and learning

    What are the latest digital tools that you enjoy using in your classroom? Like apps / website / online tools?

  • Digital tools have revolutionized teaching and learning, offering educators and students a plethora of resources to enhance engagement and comprehension. From interactive whiteboards and educational apps to virtual reality simulations and online collaboration platforms, these tools cater to diverse learning styles and preferences. They promote active participation, facilitate instant feedback, and enable personalized learning experiences. With the integration of digital tools, educators can create dynamic lesson plans, tailor instruction to individual needs, and foster a more interactive and immersive learning environment. As technology continues to evolve, digital tools will undoubtedly play an increasingly pivotal role in shaping the future of education.OIP (2).jpg R.jpg th.jpg

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  • Hi Saharudin,

    Hope everything is going well. For my students with visual impairment I use Seeing AI app, it is an artificial intelligence application developed by Microsoft for iOS. With Seeing AI we use the device camera to identify people, objects, money, colors and then the app audibly describes those objects or characteristics for my students.

    Also I use Reading Progress in Microsoft TEAMS, It is a free tool that helps my students practice their reading fluency and reading comprehension. Students read a passage out loud while recording video and audio, then send their recordings to me as their teacher. I love it!

    We have a new technology called FarmBot, thanks to a Federal Grant. FarmBot is an open-source precision agriculture farming robot consisting of a cartesian coordinate farming machine, software and documentation including a farming data repository. The project aims my students to create an open and accessible technology aiding everyone to grow food and to grow food for everyone. It is amazing.

  • @BRYANb8875625e5 sounds great! Could you please provide us with the links to the tools you mentioned?

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    We are fantastically reimagining the increasing power of strong relationship between teachers and students. They grow together, learn together and co-design learning eniviroment. Teacher enrich their life experience by this supportive learning relationships. In other words, they need skill mastery and professional skills in building these relationships, especially with students whose life experiences may be quite different. And modern innovative technology can enable and accelerate these learning relationships between teachers and students and between students and other “learning partners” f.e. peers. Technology can also enable and accelerate the learning of every student. That's why teachers need support and CPD in adopting and implementing new pedagogical models.

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    Hope everything is going well. I completely agree with your perspective on the transformative impact of digital tools in education. Technology has undoubtedly revolutionized education. However, I also notice that our students are much quicker to adopt new technologies than schools are. This presents a significant challenge, as technology advances rapidly, often outpacing us as educators.

    For me it's crucial for us as teachers to remain open to new ways of enriching our curricula for the benefit of our students. By staying receptive to innovative teaching methods and integrating new technologies, we can continue to be relevant and effective in our educational roles.

    Mr. Bryan

  • @Bousl2336873cb4

    Hi Bousl,
    Hope everything is going well.

    I completely agree with you colleague. The impact of digital tools on our education nowadays has been transformative, providing both educators and students with a wealth of resources to enhance engagement and comprehension.

    These tools not only encourage active participation in our classrooms and schools but also provide instant feedback and personalized learning experiences, making education more dynamic and responsive to individual needs. As technology continues to advance in our countries and communities, the role of digital tools in shaping the future of education will only grow more significant. Embracing these innovations is key to creating a more interactive and immersive learning environment for all our students.

    Mr. Bryan

  • @BRYANb8875625e5 said in Digital tools in teaching and learning: Dear friend FarmBot is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to transform the agricultural industry. By combining AI, automation, and precision farming techniques, FarmBot can increase crop yields, reduce waste, and promote sustainable farming practices. As the global population grows, it is essential that we adopt innovative solutions like FarmBot to ensure food security while preserving the environment for future generations. i am so interested to use it.

    Reading Progress in Microsoft TEAM

  • As the world is approaching to AI and robotics, I personally believe that the easiest way to teach the school kids is Gamification, through gamification we can grab the attention of the students by implementing some Audio Visual content.
    Kahoot, padlet, word wall, Edpuzzle, Flipgrid and quizzes are the best gamification platforms.