• Can we do anything to prevent/reduce violence and bullying in school?

    A recent UNESCO report revealed that more than 30% of the world’s students have been victims of bullying, with devastating, immediate, mid- and long-term consequences on academic achievement, school dropout, and physical and mental health.

    Is bulliyng in schools inevitable? Some schools are more progressive in addressing this issue, there are national policies and anti-bullying programmes.

    Like here in this short video piece from the webinar a speaker shares her experience of what decision makers, educators, learners can do to prevent/reduce bullying and provides examples of a successful anti-bullying programmes 👨‍🏫

    What can be done to reduce the harm?
    How is it in your school?

    Please share any mechanisms to stop bullying or educate students about this problem from your practice?
    Or ask your question about the topic