• By saving and recycling paper, we save forests, my students' project work․

    Environmental protection should be brought up from childhood. In autumn, we plan to plant trees in the area near the school.
    Here you can see the works of students of our school, which we present at the Festival of Thought of Educators, thus sharing our experience․ (https://youtu.be/_r0bZKzL4hA?si=tNvsFVu1JNzgp63h)
    Yes Fine art is the subject in which you can not only be close to art, but also to nature. In my opinion, nature itself is a creation of art by the creator. And we must keep and preserve that perfection, regardless of profession, regardless of geographical location and regardless of age.
    Preserving nature means:

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  • @ANIBAe11978a5ad That's a wonderful initiative by your students to save and recycle paper! By doing so, they are contributing to the conservation of forests and helping reduce the demand for wood pulp used in paper production. Recycling paper also helps save energy and water, as it requires less resources to produce recycled paper compared to making paper from raw materials.

    Encouraging students to reuse paper for their project work not only promotes environmental sustainability but also instills a sense of responsibility towards conserving natural resources. It's a great way to teach them about the importance of recycling and the positive impact their actions can have on the environment. Keep up the fantastic work in educating and inspiring the next generation to be environmentally conscious!

  • @ANIBAe11978a5ad
    Your team is a good a great work by senstizing young learners about protecting the environment as well implementing 3 R's: reduce, reuse and recycle. At my school, the Eco Club also is conducting various projects so as to motivate children to be more responsible towards their environment. 1000099027.jpg 1000099026.jpg 1000099025.jpg

  • I would love to hear opinions, thoughts, about nature conservation, you can share your experience․

  • @ANIBA, welcome to the Forum.
    What a gorgeous wall of beautiful drawings!

    Very creative process that also teaches to be thrifty and caring. It was said earlier in this forum that small incremental steps make large steps. Our kids should have a clear understanding how industry works, how the stationaries, tissues, wrapping papers they use every day, come into existence and are being sold. Earlier they realize it, better is the awareness, quicker the diffusion, deeper the peer-understanding and holistic development.

    Love it! Good luck!

  • @Samar-yousef Thank you very much for inspiring me. The opinions of my colleagues are very important to me.

  • @Samar-yousef Thank you very much for inspiring me. The opinions of my colleagues are very important to me.
    I congratulate you, you have also done a great job, because it takes 200-500 years for plastic and polyethylene to decompose, and this is how we can give them a second life.

  • @Bilim Thank you very much for cheering me up. Your opinion is very important to me.

  • First of all, I really appreciate your efforts and congratulate for your project.
    The world has been witnessing climate issues and students need to be aware about global warming.
    Paper recycling and forest saving is such a nice and creative idea.

  • @Raj-Kumar

    Thank you for appreciating my work.

  • @Ani-Bareghamyan Starting environmental education early is crucial... Fine art connects us to both creativity and the beauty of nature, a masterpiece we must preserve, regardless of profession or age.

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    JEST Teacher
    Address: Sindh Pakistan