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    I reply to @Ana_moderator in a topic and I was wondering if I could share some Grants pages that we can take a look. There are several grants available to support educational technology initiatives for our students and us as teachers. Here are some options we might consider in order to keep doing what we are doing, innovate:

    1. Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Grants

    GPE offers different types of grants to support education system transformation in partner countries. These grants can be used for capacity building, program development, and focused investments in programs that address system bottlenecks.

    We can explore the pathway to grant funding and access relevant documents on the GPE website:

    Link: https://www.globalpartnership.org/funding/how-apply-grants

    2. Tech & Learning Education Grants:

    This site "Tech & Learning" provides information on various grants for K-12 schools, districts, and higher education institutions. These grants cover areas such as STEM, professional development, equity, and literacy.

    Check out their list of education grants for 2024 and beyond (Good Luck)

    Link: https://www.techlearning.com/news/best-grants-for-education

    1. Government Grants:

    Visit Grants.gov to find government grants related to technology and media services, including those for educational purposes.
    Other databases like Grant Watch (geared toward non-profits but includes universities) and GrantSelect (includes educational and research grants) can also be helpful.

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    We are important for our purpose; this kind of support is very important to keep offering quality of education.

    What other Grant pages or support do you know?

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    Hope you are fine. Thanks for sharing the links for global grants. Did your institution apply for it? I find it very useful especially for motivating students.

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    4. MRA International

    At the page you will find this information:
    MRA International works directly with certified grants experts to bring access to Federal, State and Foundation grants for school in order to fund Classroom Technology, STEAM and Computer Science Education initiatives.

    By applying a consultative, solution-based approach, MRA gives schools the platform to go after targeted grants that fund STEM initiatives, while offering innovative product solutions to foster a new generation of learning. In light of these efforts, the MRA International team has notably earned the HP Education Solutions Partner First Specialization. With the certification, MRA continues to pursue strategic opportunities in K-12 and Higher Education STEM and Computer Science in order to make a positive change that ultimately brings new possibilities into the classroom.

    Link: https://www.mrainternational.com/technology-grants

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  • @BRYANb8875625e5 Thanks Bryan for sharing this.

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    This is do generous and kind of you to share these resources, also useful to start this topic. I can't share any so far, unfortunately. I'm planning to explore these ones. Thank you very much for new prospects!

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    I applied for the Rural Technology Fund but is a US Grant, the one I posted here are international. Grants are fantastic for our mission in education. Let me know if you need help.

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    Looking for support, funds and help to innovative projects for my students I found Global Giving. It is a nonprofit that supports educational projects by connecting us as educators to donors and companies.

    Link: https://www.globalgiving.org/search/?size=25&nextPage=1&sortField=sortorder&loadAllResults=true

  • Thank you so much for sharing these resources. I find these resources very useful for supporting our educators specifically those who are teaching in remote areas of under developing countries.