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    I feel Importance to talk about teachers in shaping public policy.

    As teachers we play a crucial role not only in the classroom but also in shaping public policy in benefit of our students. Our firsthand experience with educational systems and direct interaction with students provide invaluable insights that can inform and improve policy decisions. When we contribute to policy development, we bring a practical perspective that ensures policies are grounded in the realities of the classroom. This can lead for sure to more effective educational reforms that address the actual needs of our students and us as educators.

    I'm in a project called ATIsland to integrate advanced technology into Special Education (SPED) and Varying Exceptionalities (VE) classrooms to enhance learning experiences and outcomes for students with diverse needs. This project focuses on equipping classrooms with adaptive technologies, providing professional development for educators, and fostering an inclusive learning environment that leverages digital tools to meet the individual needs of each student. This will impact all the Puerto Rico Department of Education and that makes me happy.

    How can you as a teacher leverage your classroom experiences to influence and shape more effective and inclusive public education policies based in the use of technology?

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    teachers in shaping public policy.

    Yes, teachers can play a significant role in shaping public policy, particularly in the field of education. Such, teachers bring firsthand experience and expertise from the classroom, offering valuable insights into the practical implications of proposed policies. Their input helps policymakers understand the needs, challenges, and opportunities within the education system.

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    True, as teachers we have a unique and crucial role in influencing public policy, especially in education. Our daily experiences and interactions with students provide them with a deep understanding of the educational landscape. When we contribute our perspectives, we bring to light the real-world implications of policy decisions, ensuring that the voices of those directly affected by these policies are heard.

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    Teachers influence public policies by sharing their expertise on educational needs, advocating for changes, conducting research to support their recommendations, shaping the values of future educators with educational policy principles, collaborating with policymakers, and mobilizing community support for effective educational policies.
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    To some extent teachers can influence public policy decisions. The decision concerning educational reform is taken mostly by the authority without consultation with the educators. Everytime there is a new regime, new policies are implemented b