• Have you heard of the Green School Bali?

    How a school can inspire and empower students to become responsible global citizens committed to creating a more sustainable and equitable world?

    Here is an example of Green School Bali , an innovative and sustainable educational institution located in Bali, Indonesia. Founded in 2008 by John and Cynthia Hardy, Green School was established with the aim of providing a holistic education that fosters environmental stewardship, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

    What are key aspects of Green School Bali?

    Sustainability: The school is renowned for its commitment to sustainability. Its campus is constructed primarily from bamboo, a highly renewable resource that grows abundantly in Bali. The architecture and design of the campus aim to minimize environmental impact while maximizing natural light and ventilation.

    Environmental Education: Green School integrates environmental education into its curriculum, emphasizing hands-on learning experiences that connect students with nature. Students learn about permaculture, renewable energy, waste management, and other sustainable practices through experiential learning opportunities.

    Holistic Education: The school emphasizes a holistic approach to education that values creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence alongside academic achievement. The curriculum is designed to nurture students' personal growth and well-being, as well as their intellectual development.

    Community Engagement: Green School encourages community involvement and collaboration. It hosts events, workshops, and conferences on sustainability and education, drawing participants from around the world. The school also actively engages with local communities in Bali, working on projects that benefit both residents and the environment.

    Global Impact: Green School has garnered international attention as a model for sustainable education. Its founders and educators are involved in initiatives and organizations promoting sustainability and innovation in education globally. The school's alumni have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields, advocating for environmental conservation and social change.

    Are any of these principles used in your schools?
    If yes, are there any benefits or challenges you could share?
    If no, what is the one main aspect you would like to take to your school first of all and why?