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    Online platform is always easy to access any information, sending or receiving information what and when learner wanted. Learning is more easier and learner can learn whenever wanted. Assignment became more easy to write in less time and no worries about paper pen, colour pen, even easy to draw charts, graphs, pictures. Online test also saves paper and time.

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  • @Samreen-Tahir in my opinion both online platforms and pens have their own advantages and disadvantages. Online platforms offer convenience and accessibility, allowing users to easily access and share information with others. They also provide a wide range of tools and features that can enhance the writing process, such as spell check, grammar check, and formatting options.

    On the other hand, pens offer a more tactile and personal writing experience. Writing with a pen can be a more intimate and creative process, allowing for greater expression and connection with the written word. Additionally, pens do not require batteries or internet access, making them a reliable and portable option for writing on the go.

    Ultimately, the choice between using an online platform or a pen depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the writer. Some may prefer the convenience and efficiency of online platforms, while others may prefer the traditional and tactile experience of writing with a pen. Ultimately, both options have their own unique benefits and can be used in conjunction to enhance the writing process.

  • @Samreen-Tahir By leveraging the capabilities of online learning platforms, students can truly benefit from a more accessible, flexible, and efficient educational experience, ultimately leading to improved learning outcomes and academic success.

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    Dear of course both platforms have their own significance, but as we talk about green education, online platform supports it well.

    I belong to a developing country here in our system online platform is not reachable to everyone but my personal experience is extremely good, it made my access to learning materials easier, AI helped to clarify many confusing things, access to University, easy submission of assignments, my results, my online class. This experience made me to encourage my students to use it more whatever facilities they have, a simple android phon could make their access easy to knowledge and information.

    Education is not merely book or syllabus, the world has been evolved alot so using online resources we may able to know and learn what is happening others side of world. People of developing countries have economical issues to it is bit easy to access the world too. As this forum gave me alot new field to work on in my teaching practices.

    "Shaping young minds and empowering girls to become emotionally and financially independent".

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    Hope everything is going well.

    Online platforms offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility for both our students and us as educators. They make accessing information and communicating easier and more efficient for my students with autism. The ability to complete assignments digitally eliminates the need for traditional supplies and streamlines the process of creating charts, graphs, and pictures. Additionally, online tests not only save paper but also save time, making the entire learning experience more efficient and environmentally friendly.

    In my opinion we have to make a balance in order to develop skills in many areas but using technology as an enhancer.

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