• AI battery project made by my students is useful for young learners.

    I am proud to tell you now about an innovative project of Sehriyo School, in which high school students under the guidance of a programming mentor create a unique program. The project aims to develop programming and teamwork skills among students.

    The protagonist of our program is AI Batterika, a virtual assistant developed by the students. Batteryka tells about itself, demonstrating the capabilities of artificial intelligence. With the help of this application, pupils not only improve their technical skills, but also develop creative thinking, learn to solve complex problems and work in a team.

    The AI Battery project has already received positive feedback from both students and teachers. We are confident that this experience will be an important step towards the professional development of our students and will make a significant contribution to the development of school education. And I am proud to be working closely with the IT department to create such applications.

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    Follow the link.
    Download the application.
    Listen to the backstory that the battery will tell.
    Click on "talk."
    Ask any question about batteries.
    And listen to the answer.

    For example: How do used batteries harm the environment?photo_2024-07-07_17-21-33.jpg

    By asking millions of questions like this, pupils get answers that will help them sort recyclables the right way.

    Shakhnoza Khamrayeva
    Sehriyo School, Tashkent
    WhatsApp: +998881585511