• How to Help Students with Mix Abilities in Same Classroom?

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    Can you share if your school practice streaming or not in determining students classes for each grade? Also, if not, how do you manage your class with mix abilities students so that they can focus and follow the whole lessons during class?

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    , how do you manage your class with mix abilities students

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    In Puerto Rico we have 4 Graduation Path to recognize the diverse abilities and interests of students, providing multiple avenues for success and fulfillment beyond high school. Traditional Academics (30 students), Traditional Academics (12 students), Vocational Program, and the Living Skills Program (The one I lead).

    As teachers we differentiate instruction by providing varied learning materials and activities that cater to different learning styles and abilities. This way, every student can engage with the content at their own pace and in a way that suits them best. It is a challenge for us, but to be honest technology is a big help for differentiation.

    Mr. Bryan

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    I think in every class we have individual differences that is every child is unique in his skills of learning . Some are slow learner some are fast some pupil are audio learners some are visual some are kinesthetics . Every child needs to require an appropriate approach. The lesson which is planned must have such approach that syncs with the need of every child. For instance lower to higher order of learning approaches . As far as I can inclusive setup there is one special education teacher and one normal education teacher is always there in our classrooms so that a childs needs must be fulfilled. So we design our annual and biannual syllabus according to it.

  • Managing a classroom with mixed abilities are really challenging. Need to arrange the students into groups based on their abilities for specific activities or projects and need to create personalized plans for students who require extra support or additional challenges. In some situation we can encourage stronger students to support their peers through tutoring or collaborative activities. This not only helps struggling students but also reinforces understanding for those who excel.

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    This is also a good idea!!we it will fosters the learning in each group.

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    The use of a variety of teaching strategies such as collaborative learning, peer tutoring and groupwork can cater for students having mixed abilities. The educator should ensure that no child lags behind the teaching and learning process. The inclusive approach is integrated in the classroom. Groupwork will facilitate the teaching and learning process. Students of high abilities can help their peers having difficulties to understand a concept.