• The First Teaching in the 21st Century Teacher Competition Wrapped Up with Fruitful Results

    The inaugural “Teaching in the 21st Century Teacher Competition”, organized by UNESCO IITE and NetDragon at the global teacher platform E-Library, has successfully concluded, receiving enthusiastic participation and attention from teachers worldwide. This event not only reflects the high-quality implementation of ICT technology and innovative teaching development among global educators but also serves as a significant driving force for future events on the E-Library platform.


    The competition began in March 2023 with registration, attracting 476 teachers from 13 different countries, including Russia, Ghana, Tunisia, Serbia, India, Egypt, Latvia, Nigeria, Mongolia, Oman, Philippines, Indonesia, and China. This event gradually increased E-Library's influence in the global education sector, allowing more teachers to learn about this exceptional platform for enhancing teaching skills.

    As a result of the projects’ submission, 21 relevant projects advanced to the final round, where a distinguished judging panel selected three outstanding winners. The competition introduced a unique Peer Evaluation section, encouraging teachers to learn from their peers' works while selecting the best project. As a result, the competition has the following winners in different categories:

    • Category "Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Education" - Anna Bikerniece with the project "Education Course 'Sustainable Development Goals'. Combining ICT and life skills".

    • Category "Advanced Educational Technology Tools" - Ma**elino Fransye Giovani Sundah with the project "The Application of Integration to Find the Area of Stadium"

    • Category "Desktop and mobile applications" – Tatiana Korshikova with the project "AR at the English lessons"

    • Category "Cybersecurity and OER" – No project was qualified for the winning prize.

    • Peer Choice Award - Bouslimi Chokri with the project "Agriculture 4.0: How AI is Revolutionizing Plant Production".


    The winners of the “Teaching in the 21st Century Teacher Competition” will receive a study trip to China as a reward. During their visit, they will engage in university exchange programs and visit NetDragon's campus, exploring academic and EdTech innovations.

    Through this exceptional competition, the organizers witnessed the extensive application of ICT in global education and the gradual integration of innovation and technology into contemporary classrooms worldwide. The event demonstrated that the number of highly trained and ICT competent teachers is globally increasing. It gives hope that more teachers will enhance their abilities, share educational experiences, and contribute to the improvement of global education standards with the help of E-Library resources and activities.