• What's Best Teaching Tools for Improving Class Literacy?

    I'm looking forward to developing my next project and invention that can boost my students' literacy skills. Before this, my school has invented a few teaching tools, like websites, mobile apps, and digital modules games. So, what should I invent next? Any ideas what current teaching tools that I can use to improve class literacy?

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    Boosting general literacy promotes the development of the whole child combining basic skills with creativity and imagination.

    "Library in the classroom" is a popular trend worldwide in strenthening reading literacy, cause curiosity arises during the cognitive activity, classroom works and the resources should be within hand's reach. Helpful strategies are: vocabulary knowledge, activating prior knowledge, predicting text, semantic mapping, mapping story events or timeline.

    Reading is effective for building higher-level literacy. Existing literature contains myriads of reading comprehension boosters designed to help kids acquire reasoning skills. I would recommend "A close look at close reading" that help students analyze complex texts (Diane Lapp et all, 2015 ASCD)

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    Once I read your post, I immediately think in developing a virtual storytelling tool where students can create their own digital stories, probably with illustrations and narration. Maybe with AI to facilitate this task. This not only will enhance their literacy skills but also encourages creativity and critical thinking.

    Students have everyday something to share.

    Mr. Bryan