• Use of AI assisted tools or chat GPT to enhance learning.

    Hi everyone I want to give my insight and opinion on one of the recommended categories.that is,
    Digital teaching tools.
    My topic is ,
    Use of AI assisted tools or chat GPT to enhance learning.
    There are many Assisted tools that have drastically the styles of teaching and learning.
    Some of the assisted tools that can help us in different areas of learning are,
    Certainly! Here are AI-assisted tools that can enhance learning and teaching across various subjects:


    1. Photomath: Uses AI to solve mathematical problems through camera input, providing step-by-step solutions.
    2. ALEKS: An adaptive learning platform that personalized math instruction and practice.
    3. Symbolab: Offers detailed solutions and explanations for a wide range of mathematical problems.


    1. Labstar___Provides virtual labs and simulations for biology, chemistry, and physics.
    2. Watson Tutor by IBM___: AI-powered tutor for science subjects, offering personalized learning and practice.https://iaied.org/showcase/6hRMxzuPi8sYwCw6YiU8YS
      3)Chat GPT . Provides instant personalized interphase to go through finding any answers to any queries

    Language Arts

    1. Grammarly: AI writing assistant that provides grammar, punctuation, and style suggestions.
    2. QuillBot: Paraphrasing and summarizing tool that helps improve writing.
    3. Turnitin: AI-powered plagiarism detection and writing feedback tool.

    History and Social Studies

    1. HSTRY: An interactive timeline tool that uses AI to help students create and explore historical events.

    2. Actively Learn: Provides AI-driven reading assistance and engagement tools for history and social studies texts.

    3. Kialo Edu: A platform for teaching critical thinking and debate, powered by AI to facilitate discussions.

    Foreign Languages

    1. Duolingo: Uses AI to personalize language learning through gamified lessons.
    2. Rosetta Stone: AI-driven language learning platform that adapts to individual learning styles.
    3. Lingvist: Uses AI to optimize vocabulary learning based on the user's progress and retention.


    1. Yousician: AI-powered music tutor for learning instruments like guitar, piano, and ukulele.
    2. SmartMusic: Provides AI-assisted practice and assessment tools for music education.
    3. Flowkey: Interactive piano learning app that uses AI to provide feedback on playing.

    Art and Design

    1. DALL-E by OpenAI: AI tool for creating images from textual descriptions, useful for creative projects.
    2. Canva: AI-driven design platform that assists with creating visual content.
    3. DeepArt: Uses AI to transform photos into artworks in various artistic style

    Special Education

    1. Speechify: AI-powered text-to-speech tool that assists students with reading difficulties.
    2. Kurzweil 3000: Provides AI-driven support for reading, writing, and study skills for students with learning disabilities.
    3. Otter.ai: Transcription service that helps students with note-taking by converting speech to text in real-time.

    General Education

    1. Khan Academy: AI-driven personalized learning platform covering a wide range of subjects.
    2. Quizlet: Uses AI to create personalized study sets and adaptive practice tests.
    3. Edmodo: AI-powered educational platform that facilitates communication and collaboration between teachers and students.

    By integrating these AI-assisted tools, educators can enhance the learning experience, making it more personalized, interactive and effective
    for different subjects.
    Now specifically talking about chat GPT which I mostly use in teaching learning it is recommended by most of educators because of
    Feasible environment ,
    Low-cost ,
    Instant answer ,
    More exposure to knowledge
    Child friendly Assisted tool.
    In language subject chat GPT provides any kind of assistance that is required in terms of correction in grammar,story writing,precie writing, punctuation, dialogue delivering and writing an essay .
    Duolingo is the best app for beginners to learn foreign language.

  • @Mariam

    As a SPED teacher, discovering Canva has been a game-changer for my classroom. This AI-driven design platform has made creating visual content incredibly easy and enjoyable for my students and for me. Love that is user-friendly and has a vast array of templates, graphics, and fonts, we can quickly design engaging presentations, worksheets, and posters that captivate my students' attention. Time management for us is important.

    Thank you for this list.
    Mr. Bryan

  • @BRYANb8875625e5 your welcome sir . Thanks to this platform where we are exchanging ideas and getting new for our students betterment.

  • @Mariam

    I really love to learn from other teachers to improve my practice. Best of luck on the competition and in your mission in education.