• Free Language Learning Apps to Try

    Hello colleagues!

    This is Mr. Bryan, a proudly Puerto Rican teacher, and today I want to share some free tools that can help us overcome the challenges of learning new languages in us and in our students.

    We know that bilingualism is invaluable on our island, where Spanish and English are fundamental, and learning other languages can open many doors for us. Therefore, I made a quick reasearch and present some useful applications: Duolingo, with fun and structured lessons; Memrise, excellent for learning vocabulary through spaced repetition; Busuu, which combines grammar and conversation practice with native speakers; Tandem and HelloTalk, ideal for language exchanges and practicing with native speakers; and LingQ, which helps us to learn through authentic content like articles and podcasts.

    These tools will be very helpful on our path to mastering new languages and to be global teachers and promote global students. Good luck and much success in your learning

    Here you have a link to find free language learning apps to try:

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    Hi colleagues,
    Hope everything is going well.

    Scrolling through LinkedIn I found a promo about this platform named Rask AI. It translates video or audio content into over 130 languages using Artificial Intelligence. I just imagined our students probably creating a small business in which their marketing strategy could be translated to 130 countries to promote a product or service as little entrepreneurs.

    Here is the Link for the tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3NeGlIQZI4

    Hope this technology open new doors to add this resource in subjects as language arts, business, or in any lesson.

    Mr. Bryan